A Jordan Myth and the Latest and Greatest from the Wages of Wins Network

Posted on July 24, 2010 by


My latest at Huffington Post – LeBron James is doing for himself what Jerry Krause did for Jordan – examines MJ’s recent criticism of LeBron.  More specifically, the post attacks the notion that Jordan managed to win titles all by himself. 

In addition to shamelessly drawing attention to my work, I would also like to draw attention to some of the wonderful work that has recently been posted on the “Wages of Wins network.”

So there you go.  If you have not been following the Wages of Wins Network, you now have nine posts to read.  And I didn’t even link to everything that has been written. 

Let me close by noting that there is even more that will soon be posted here.  Andres Perezchica has offered some interesting analysis of D-League players.  And Burzin Daruwala has written a review of the Portland Trail Blazers that I think everyone will enjoy reading.  Look for the posts from Andres and Burzin to appear in the next few couple of days.

– DJ