A Q&A with Valley of the Suns

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Michael Schwartz – from Valley of the Suns – recently sent me a series of questions focused on Stumbling on Wins and the Phoenix Suns.  The first part of my answers — 1 on 1 with David Berri: Part 1 – were posted today.  Michael tells me that the second part should be posted tomorrow.

Today’s questions focus on

  • the ability of an economist to serve as an NBA team’s general manager
  • the status of the statistical movement in the NBA
  • the ability of the Suns to get more wins from their money than other teams (a point made by Arturo Galletti)
  • the factors one should focus upon in evaluating a player
  • and the “amazing chemistry” of the Phoenix Suns.  

I would like to thank Michael for sending these questions along.  When the second part is on-line I will post a link.

NBA Team Reviews and Analysis

The discussion of team chemistry led me to offer a review of the Phoenix Suns in 2009-10.  This review will serve as the Wages of Wins Journal team review for the Suns.  With this review in hand, eleven team reviews of the 2009-10 season have been posted in this forum.  These reviews have been collected on a page I constructed today. 

NBA Analysis: 2006 to the Present is a collection of every team review posted across the past five summers.  In addition, this page also presents both the league analysis and NBA draft studies presented across the past few years. 

I should note that Arturo was scheduled to offer the review of the Phoenix Suns.  Arturo, though, seems to have his hands full offering brilliant posts like the following: A Half Baked Notion about the difference between the Regular Season and the Playoffs

Arturo claims he is going to be writing a post everyday (365 posts in 365 days).  So make sure to check in each day to see the latest that Arturo has to say.

One last note… Mosi Platt – AKA “reservoirgod” – offered an analysis of the Team USA scrimmage from this past weekend that is well worth checking out.

– DJ