Another Look at Team USA in 2010

Posted on July 28, 2010 by


About a week ago, Patrick Minton offered a look at Team USA in 2010.  This examination noted that despite the loss of every player from Team USA 2008, a few “stars” remained. 

Now, though, we have even more information. Chris Sheridan reports that Team USA has cut Tyreke Evans, O.J. Mayo, Gerald Wallace, and Javale McGee.  Sheridan – at TrueHoop – then proceeded to list the players who he thinks will comprise the final roster.   Assuming Sheridan is correct, Team USA in 2010 will be as follows:

Back in 2007, I examined the performance of each Team USA from 1992 to 2008.  The average WP48 of each team was as follows:

  • 1992: 0.317
  • 1996: 0.277
  • 2000: 0.189
  • 2004: 0.165
  • 2008:0.228

So if Sheridan is correct, Team USA in 2010 is fairly similar to what we saw in 2000.  And that suggests this team might struggle a bit this summer.  Certainly – and we may not need Wins Produced to see this – this team is not as good as the teams we saw in 1992, 1996, and 2008.    

By the way, keeping Gerald Wallace (in place of Rudy Gay) would have boosted the team’s average WP48 to 0.205.  Wallace, though, did not play well in the scrimmage.  And we know that one scrimmage should trump everything else we have seen about a player (okay, maybe not). 

– DJ