A Quick Comment on Brett Favre

Posted on August 23, 2010 by


Today was the first day of classes at Southern Utah University.  And this story on the Pittsburgh Pirates also appeared (a story that I wish to comment on in more detail tomorrow).   So today was a bit busy (between teaching classes and talking to reporters).

But I wanted to offer a quick comment on Brett Favre.  If Favre wanted to play football, but didn’t want to go to much of training camp, wouldn’t he…

  • retire each off-season
  • un-retire after much of training camp had been completed

In other words, if Favre didn’t “retire” after each off-season, is there any way he could avoid training camp and still play in the NFL?  It is possible that Favre’s inability to make a decision simply reflects that fact that Favre – at 40 years of age (he is just a few weeks younger than me) – has decided he wants to play football but wants to avoid training camp. 

– DJ

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