The Most Underrated “Scorers”

Posted on September 3, 2010 by


Here is a quick follow-up to my Huffington Post column on the most overrated scorers in the NBA.  Th most overrated scorers was determined by ranking the 129 players who played 2,000 minutes last year in terms of points-per-game and Wins Produced.  The players with the largest positive difference (between the Wins Produced and scoring rankings) were listed as the most overrated.   And leading the list was Monta Ellis, a player who takes a large number of shots but who doesn’t do much to help his team win games (just taking shots really doesn’t help).

At the other end of the list are players who produce wins but don’t score.  And a list of these players can be thought of as the most underrated scorers (except, of course, that these players are not really scorers.  As the following table reveals, the most underrated “scorer” is Marcus Camby.

Camby produced 18.5 wins last season for the Clippers and Blazers. And he did this while only averaging 7.5 points per game. 

One should note that the LA Lakers employed Lamar Odom last season. And in the off-season they added Matt Barnes and Steve Blake.  So the Lakers in 2010-11 will be employing three of the most underrated scorers. 

We can also construct the list of underrated by looking at NBA Efficiency and the Player Efficiency Rating.  Look for those tables to be posted in the next few days.

– DJ