Kevin Durant is Leading Team USA (and Kevin Love is helping)

Posted on September 6, 2010 by


Mosi Platt – of “Miami Heat Index” – has offered another fascinating look at Team USA at Bleacher Report.  Once again, this is fascinating because

  • it uses Wins Produced (always great)
  • it has a slide show

And it offers analysis that is somewhat different (but not completely different) from what Ty Willihnganz of Courtside Analyst offered (I linked to Ty’s analysis yesterday). So everyone, please click over to

World Domination: Kevin Durant Is Leading Team USA to The World Championship.

By the way, Team USA defeated Angola today by 55 points.   In Olympic play, Team USA has defeated Angola by an average margin of 39.5 points (since 1992).  So I am not sure anyone should be too excited about today’s results (then again, if you want to get excited… well, whatever makes you happy).

– DJ