Is Carmelo Anthony Vastly Superior to Joakim Noah?

Posted on September 21, 2010 by


The following was noted in the comments section in the previous post (by ilikeflowers): Henry Abbott was discussing the proposed trade of Joakim Noah (and other stuff) for Carmelo Anthony today.  In the course of the discussion he stated:

Noah is a promising young big man, but by almost any metric Carmelo Anthony’s production is vastly superior. Many have called Anthony the best pure scorer in the NBA.

Any metric?

Okay, here is one metric: 

Joakim Noah WP48 [Wins Produced per 48 minutes]: 0.270

Carmelo Anthony WP48: 0.108

Now maybe you don’t like Wins Produced (not sure how that could be possible, but for the sake of this discussion…).  What about Win Shares?

Joakim Noah Win Shares per 48 minutes: 0.154

Carmelo Anthony Win Shares per 48 minutes: 0.145

Yes, not as big a difference. But Win Shares is a metric that also favors Noah.

If you turn to scoring and Player Efficiency Rating (which is dominated by scoring), Anthony would be thought of as “vastly superior”.  But there is more to the game than scoring.  And if the Bulls do this trade, they will discover that winning will become a bit more difficult.

As for the Nuggets… well, the fans may not appreciate this yet.  But if this trade happens, fans in Denver will ultimately be happier.

– DJ

P.S. By the way… let me defend what Henry is saying. First of all, Henry had heard of Wins Produced and Win Shares.  The column he wrote was actually a fairly involved discussion of the pros and cons of this trade (and there is much to like about the column).  It was also posted at 4:30pm, so I am guessing Henry might have thrown this all together fairly quickly (again, that is just a guess).  And technically one could argue he is correct.  Most metrics (or at least, a fair number) are dominated by scoring (i.e. PER, NBA Efficiency, TENDEX, Points Created).  So one could say “almost any metric” favors Melo.  If you restrict yourself to measures that actually try and connect the box score statistics to wins (and I think both Wins Produced and Win Shares are trying to do this), though, then Melo is not “vastly superior.”