Veins are Popping?

Posted on September 28, 2010 by


Henry Abbott at TrueHoop todayRip Hamilton says (via Piston Powered) “the more scorers we’ll have, the better we’ll be” and somewhere a vein pops out of David Berri’s forehead.

The Pistons have been collecting scorers the past couple of years (Tracy McGrady, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva are good examples).  Across the past decade (until last year) the Joe Dumars and the Pistons — with a team that was not populated by many scorers — did better than the Knicks (led mostly by Isiah Thomas).  Isiah — as has been noted many times — clearly followed the philosophy echoed by Rip Hamilton.  After such a decade, though, Joe Dumars and Rip Hamilton appear to have reached the conclusion that Isiah was right after all.  In other words, all that losing by the Knicks — and all that winning by the Pistons — didn’t lead Hamilton and Dumars to the obvious conclusion.  Not sure this means the “veins are popping” (and I laughed when I read this).  But it is interesting how someone who played on the Pistons when they were good could make such a statement. 

– DJ