The Megatron Myth and Ranking Quarterbacks at the Quarter Pole

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My latest at the Huffington Post focuses on the Calvin Johnson myth.  People believe (at least fans of the Lions believe) that Johnson – or Megatron – is an elite wide receiver.  The numbers, though, suggest otherwise (at least, the numbers so far in Megatron’s career suggest otherwise).

Beyond this story, I thought I would also post the Wins Produced numbers for NFL quarterbacks.   The season is a little bit past the quarter pole, and at this point the most productive quarterback – according to Wins Produced per 100 plays (a model explained in The Wages of Wins and Stumbling on Wins) is Philip Rivers.  Tom Brady is the leader in QB Rating, but he only ranks 7th in WP100.

As has been noted in the past (and see the following list of posts for the discussion on this topic), quarterbacks in the NFL are inconsistent. 

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So if you don’t like how your quarterback has performed so far, wait a few games and maybe that will change. 

– DJ

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