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One of my favorite features at TrueHoop – the leading NBA blog in the world – is the daily bullet list.  This week, though, we only got two lists.  Henry Abbott says he is busy with other aspects of the blog, like writing actual stories on Yao Ming and LeBron James (which I think thinks is more important work).  So I have decided to pick up the slack.  Here are a few items I have seen recently that I think are interesting.

And now for a quick trip around The Wages of Wins Network (where WoW basketball metrics – or WoW inspired metrics – are applied to the study of the NBA):


Let me close with a quick comment on post linked to above from the Sport Skeptic.  The result Alex reports with respect to the consistency of rebounds is still true when you adjust for position played.  The correlation coefficient for rebounds per-minute in the NBA is over 0.9.  When you adjust for position played, the coefficient is still 0.83.  Not only are rebounds consistent across time, it is also the case that rebounds vary across teams.  The coefficient of variation (for every NBA team from 1990-91 to 2009-10) for various statistics is as follows:

defensive rebounds: 0.039 

offensive rebounds: 0.106

offensive efficiency: 0.037

defensive efficiency: 0.035

So rebounds by the players are very consistent (and that is because — as noted above — some players, like Kevin Love, are good at rebounding; while other players, like Eddy Curry, are not good at rebounding).  Furthermore, some teams are better at this while others are worse.  That suggests that teams would do better with respect to rebounding by hiring better rebounders.  Yes, it is that simple.

By the way, I am working on a FAQ page that will address issues people have raised with respect to rebounding (like diminishing returns and how the value placed on rebounding impacts the Wins Produced rankings).  Much of this is in Stumbling on Wins, which I hear makes a great Christmas gift (at least, I think I have heard this).

Update: Missed an important link last night.  Ian Levy – at Indy Cornrows – offered a Wins Produced view of the Indiana Pacers.  The Pacers have done a bit better than expectations so far.  Ian walks us through who is responsible.

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