Kevin Love, Allocating Minutes in Minnesota, and Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on January 1, 2011 by


A few days ago I was asked by Benjamin Polk – from A Wolf Among Wolves – to look into how the Timberwolves were allocating minutes.  Ben’s story was posted at TrueHoop, and then a follow-up story was posted at A Wolf Among Wolves. The follow-up story noted that

  • Kevin Love is immensely productive.
  • and his teammates are not.

Love is primarily known as an amazing rebounder.  And whenever a rebounder is ranked high with respect to Wins Produced, someone tends to argue “rebounds are over-valued by Wins Produced”. 

In response to such a comment, I thought it would be a good idea to finally post some responses to Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Offered Comments.  This page – which is a work in progress – addresses such issues as why Wins Produced differs from popular sentiment, alternative measures of player performance in the NBA, and the issue of rebounds.  As noted, this page is a work in progress. But hopefully what is posted helps.

One should note… as indicated at A Wolf Among Wolves, the model employed to study how minutes are allocated in the NBA needs to be updated.  This update will be part of a paper I hope to present this summer at the Western Economic Association meetings.  So look for more on this in the future.

– DJ