J.C. Bradbury says “So Long”

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The Wages of Wins was published in May of 2006.   Before it appeared, J.C. Bradbury – of Sabernomics – urged us to create a blog to promote the book.  At the time I had no idea how to start a blog (or how to promote a book – something I am still not sure about).  But the blog J.C. asked us to start seemed like something that might help.   So the Wages of Wins Journal was launched in March of 2006.  And after more than 1,000 posts — and probably more than one million words — this blog still continues.

The same, though, cannot be said of Sabernomics.  As of New Year’s Eve, J.C.’s blog has come to an end.  What follows is J.C.’s last blog post:

Well folks, I’m afraid it’s come to an end. What started as an experiment nearly seven years ago became more than I anticipated. For the past seven years I’ve had a place to explore my whimsical ideas on baseball in public, and I’ve enjoyed having the outlet.

The New Year offers a good time for change. My work responsibilities are expanding, and I’d like to drink my morning coffee without my hands on the keyboard. I still have Twitter to pass on links and opinions, and that’s all I want to do for a while. My research continues, but I won’t be blogging about it. I might write an occasional article in other places, but it’s time to move on from the blogosphere. The website will remain for the time being.

I’d like to thank everyone out there for reading my work. I wish you the best.


Again, J.C. is responsible for getting The Wages of Wins Journal started.  And now he has demonstrated how to end these enterprises.  So I guess I will once again follow his lead and say “so long”.

Then again… well, this blog has only been going since March of 2006.  So if I were to follow J.C.’s lead exactly I would keep this going until at least 2013.

More seriously, I am sorry to see J.C. leave the blogosphere. But I definitely thank him for his help, appreciate all he offered at his blog, and look forward to his future research efforts.

– DJ

P.S. And I am not planning on ending this blog any time soon.  Well, at least, not today.

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