Talking Basketball with the Alvarez Brothers and Arturo Galletti

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People tend to think that those who prefer to see arguments based on numbers and statistical evidence are lacking in personality and a sense of humor.  In an effort to counter this perception, here is a joke David Tufte (a fellow economist at Southern Utah University) posted on his blog (VoluntaryXchange).  

A statistician’s wife gives birth to twins. Excitedly, he calls everyone to share the good news. When he tells the church they say, ‘That’s terrific! Bring them down to church this Sunday, and we’ll baptize them!’

’Uh, let’s just baptize one of them,’ says the statistician. ‘We can keep the other one as a control”.

Okay, beyond that one joke (which is just a sample of one for those keeping track), here is the latest podcast from Nerd Numbers.

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Here are some details from the podcast.  As Dre notes, I was a guest (along with Dre’s brother and Arturo Galletti). The conversation wandered from my plot to destroy basketball as we know it, childhood memories of the Incredible Hulk, and eventually a bunch of stuff on basketball.   If you click on the above link, Dre has posted a number of links that will make your listening even more enjoyable.  And as you listen, you will also hear some attempts at humor (although, often the attempts may not have been statistically significant — and yes, that attempt at humor was also not statistically significant).

And one should note, from this podcast comes the subject of my next post.

– DJ