Conversation with Links (Mosi Platt and I Talk the NBA)

Posted on February 27, 2011 by


The line-up for this week’s podcast was the minimum necessary to actually have a conversation.  For 45 minutes, Mosi Platt of the Miami Heat Index and I discussed a whole host of NBA issues. 

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Mosi did more than just lead the discussion, he also kept notes and created a series of links related to our conversation.

We then moved on to a discussion of various trades this season.

This ultimately strikes me as a more persuasive use of shooting efficiency stats than do efforts to collapse everything into an overall player evaluation stat. It’s natural for the offense to run through Rose rather than a guy like Korver or Noah, but the fact that both of them have higher TS% numbers than Rose and have taken more shots per game in the past suggests that at the margin he needs to pass a bit more and shoot a bit less. 

As noted, Arturo Galletti wasn’t able to join us. But Arturo did provide a review of all these trades.  And Arturo’s treatment is quite comprehensive.  So if you wondered how all these moves impacted the state of the NBA, check out Arturo’s review.

– DJ