Weekend Podcast with Links

Posted on March 13, 2011 by


If it’s the weekend, it’s time for another Wages of Wins Network podcast

On Friday the cast was as follows:

And here are the topics (and corresponding links) we discussed:

Small Markets vs. Super Teams

March Madness and the NBA Draft

Arturo has also written extensively on this topic.  Here are some of his posts on the NBA Draft.

We also discussed the 2011 draft.  DraftExpress reports each player’s Win Score. In evaluating these Win Score numbers, keep in mind the average performance at each position (average of player drafted out of college in recent seasons):

  • Point Guard: 7.40
  • Shooting Guard: 8.40
  • Small Forward: 9.95
  • Power Forward: 12.59
  • Center: 12.32

As one can see, Kenneth Faried is well above average (at whatever position he plays).

Our last topic of conversation was the NFL labor dispute. 

This discussion began with an article written in the Washington Post (which quotes some professor from Southern Utah University).  It is my hope to write more on this topic in the next few days.

– DJ