WoW Network Weekend Podcast

Posted on April 4, 2011 by


The WoW Network had another weekend podcast.  For everyone’s enjoyment, the Cast, Links, and Details from Andres (Dre) Alvarez follow:

Super Stat Team Assemble!

You can listen to the podcast one of three ways:

We talked about what it means to be the MVP

Do Owners Know what they’re Doing?

  • Jeremy discusses an interview with Joe Lacob. (part 1, part2)
  • Devin gives some perspective from a “trying to make money” standpoint.
  • Mosi explains what a good organization does.
  • Don’t injuries matter?
  • Putting Stats Guys in the Front Office.

 March Madness or Exploiting Young Athletes

  • Mosi forwarded a great podcast on this.
  • Devin gave a great Canadian perspective and suggestion that will never happen (remind anyone of universal health care?)
  • Overall the Super Stat Team Agrees on this subject. Listen to hear about what.