The Regular Season Awards: WoW Network Style

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The following is from Andres (Dre) Alvarez.

The season is over and it’s time for the playoffs to erase everyone’s memory of regular season records. While it’s still fresh on our mind, we can hand out the regular season award winners. While the exact standards for each award aren’t well defined, we here at the Wages of Wins Network prefer to look at the stats and hand out the awards accordingly.

Most Valuable Player: The player that has generated the most wins for their team.

Player Team Pos G GS MP WP48 WP
Kevin Love MIN 4.5 73 73 2610 0.458 24.9
Dwight Howard ORL 5.0 78 78 2935 0.398 24.3
LeBron James MIA 3.1 79 79 3062 0.361 23.0
Chris Paul NOH 1.0 80 80 2865 0.350 20.9
Dwyane Wade MIA 1.9 76 76 2823 0.302 17.8

Was he on a bad team? Yes! Don’t let that take away the fact that Kevin Love put up a career year and hit levels not seen in Minnesota since Kevin Garnett. Dwight Howard has been a top five MVP candidate for the last five years. He finally overtook LeBron for the lead only to lose out to a surging Kevin Love. LeBron James and Chris Paul aren’t really surprises as both are previous Wins Produced MVPs (or Most Productive Player or MPP). Dwayne Wade helps give the Heat not one but two MVP candidates. Will it help them in the playoffs?

Sixth Man of the Year : The player that has generated the most wins for their team while starting 60% of their games or fewer.

Player Team G GS MP WP48 WP
Kris Humphries NJN 74 44 2060 0.329 14.1
Lamar Odom LAL 80 34 2557 0.248 13.2
Marcin Gortat ORL-PHO 78 12 1960 0.225 9.2
Greg Monroe DET 78 46 2163 0.183 8.3
Serge Ibaka OKC 80 42 2160 0.182 8.2

I had thought this award was all but locked up for Lamar Odom, but Kris Humphries made a strong push and pulled it out for the year. Lamar Odom is no surprise on this list and hopefully this is his year to really get the award. Marcin Gortat shows up as well, but that makes me question Phoenix’s judgment on starting centers. Greg Munroe is a bright spot on an otherwise dismal Detroit team. Finally Ibaka has been killing it for Oklahoma, but he may finally be getting his due as a starter.

Rookie of the Year: The rookie that has generated the most wins for their team.

Player Team Pos G GS MP WP48 WP
Blake Griffin LAC 4.5 82 82 3111 0.236 15.3
Landry Fields NYK 2.2 82 81 2541 0.255 13.5
Greg Monroe DET 4.8 80 48 2221 0.188 8.7
John Wall WAS 1.0 69 64 2606 0.105 5.7
Ed Davis TOR 4.8 65 17 1601 0.166 5.5

Blake Griffin ends the year as Rookie of the Year, which is not a surprise. Landry Fields gave him a good run for his money though, which was definitely a surprise. Detroit and Toronto have good young big men in Monroe and Davis, and the hope is that those franchises don’t mess it up. John Wall turned out to be a productive player for Washington. Still, the end of the season does show he wasn’t a “sure-fire #1 pick”

Most Improved Player: The Player that has increased their peak wins the most.

At the start of the season I had some definition based on playing within 750 minutes of their previous season’s minutes and improving. However, that is really more a definition for Comeback Player of the Year (a now defunct award). After talking with Devin Dignam, the definition I came up with for this award was the following: the MIP is a player that has played at least one season of 1000 minutes or more prior to this season that increased their peak Wins Produced the most.

Player Team MP WP48 WP WP Increase
Kevin Love MIN 2610 0.458 24.9 13.9
Kris Humphries NJN 2060 0.328 14.1 10.9
JaVale McGee WAS 2192 0.182 8.3 7.5
Marcin Gortat ORL-PHO 2034 0.226 9.6 6.0
Derrick Rose CHI 3026 0.189 11.9 5.7

Look who shows up again? Kevin Love managed to up his peak performance by a stunning 14 wins! Almost as impressive is Kris Humphries in New Jersey with an 11 win increase. Two other beneficiaries of finally getting minutes are Javale McGee and Marcin Gortat. Derrick Rose has also seen a great increase in productivity, and unlike the other players on this list he was already getting the minutes.

Comeback Player of the Year : The Player that increase their win output the most from last season while playing within 750 minutes of their last season’s minutes.

I felt obligated to put this one in as it was my initial definition for “Most Improved”

Player Team MP WP48 WP WP Increase
Elton Brand PHI 2809 0.137 8.0 8.7
Thaddeus Young PHI 2134 0.121 5.4 6.3
Ramon Sessions CLE 2132 0.168 7.5 5.8
Paul Pierce BOS 2774 0.240 13.9 5.7
Derrick Rose CHI 3026 0.189 11.9 5.7

Philadelphia definitely lucked out with Elton Brand and Thaddeus Young coming back strong. As mentioned, Derrick Rose did see a big boost from last season. The Celtics definitely needed the Truth to come back strong but it may not be enough. Finally, I suspect it’s of little consolation to Cleveland, but hey Ramon Sessions is playing better.

Stat Smack Down

If you recall at the start of the season many of the Wages of Wins analysts made predictions about a few things. One of these was which players would win various awards.

Analyst Most Valuable Rookie Most Improved Sixth Man
NBeh? LeBron James Blake Griffin Kevin Love Lamar Odom
Sport Skeptic LeBron James Blake Griffin Kevin Love Lamar Odom
Nerd Numbers Dwight Howard Blake Griffin Chris Kaman Lamar Odom
Arturo’s S.L.S LeBron James Blake Griffin Trevor Ariza Lamar Odom
RoBlog LeBron James Blake Griffin Javale McGee James Harden
The Miami Heat Index LeBron James Blake Griffin Andris Biedrins Manu Ginobli
The City Kevin Durant Blake Griffin Monta Ellis Samuel Dalembert
Peter (commenter) LeBron James DeMarcus Cousins Dujain Blair Lamar Odom
Hickory High LeBron James DeMarcus Cousins James Harden Manu Ginobli
Consensus LeBron James Blake Griffin Kevin Love Lamar Odom

No one predicted Kevin Love would be the MVP this season. No one predicted Kris Humphries would be the 6th man of the year. With that said, the preseason predictions for individual player performance were quite impressive. Going by the initial set of rules for “Most Improved” I win the challenge! However, I do think picking Kevin Love on Alex and Devin’s part was a great stroke and I have no problem declaring them Super Expert Extraordinaires! Here’s hoping we can do as well next season.