Wages of Wins Network Podcast for May 6

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The following is from Mosi Platt (with an assist from Andres Alvarez):

If it’s the weekend, then it’s time for another Wages of Wins Network podcast. You can listen to the podcast three different ways:

The Cast

The Synopsis

WoW Network bloggers spent an hour discussing overrated scorers, the NFL draft, competitive balance, as well as the NBA lockout and playoffs.

Who are the Overrated Scorers in the NBA?

  • Dwight Howard is a dominant scorer? On a previous podcast with Alvarez, Platt said, “No.” And this list supports that argument. Of course, scoring efficiency is a different argument, as Galletti illustrated in this article.
  • Is the perception of Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer driven by Rose’s incentives? Or is it driven by the Dead Basketball Poets Society as Berri illustrated in this article?
  • A bit of a stretch but Dre pointed out that cheaters’ overestimate their abilities and compared this to scorers being told they were good even if their stats were contrary.

The NFL Draft and Competitive Balance

  • On last week’s podcast, Berri critiqued NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. The critique continued this week with insight into the history of the drafts in professional sports and their impact on competitive balance in the NFL, NBA and MLB.
  • Galletti noted that ESPN.com’s Truehoop blog reported uncertain outcomes (from competitive balance) increase television ratings. Berri provided his critique of that analysis and made the point that people watch the NFL because they really like football. Platt noted that the highest rated NBA Finals weren’t that competitive.

Mixed Messages on the NBA Lockout

  • Alvarez and Platt debated Michael Heisley’s decision to re-sign Zach Randolph (despite trying to skimp on Xavier Henry’s rookie contract last summer) in the context of NBA Commissioner David Sterns recent comments.
  • Do NBA owners know what they’re doing? Berri checked in with his opinion.
  • Are NBA franchises a hobby or a business? Platt and Berri discussed the difference between Jay-Z’s opinion and David Stern’s.
  • Who’s dumber – the owners and front offices of a pro sports franchise or its fans?

The podcast ended where it began – with a brief discussion of Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic and forecasts for the rest of the playoffs.

– Mosi Platt