The Miami Heat Ruin a Prediction (and other notes from the Weekend Podcast)

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Welcome to the weekend edition of the Wages of Wins Podcast

  • Brought to you by “Small Sample Sizes”. They don’t prove anything but are a lot of fun if you want to make bold assumptions that can’t be verified.

Super Stat Team Assemble!

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  • Dave Berri is an active participant in the Truehoop Stat Smackdown. He’s put his money on Chicago winning and his fate as a stat expert is tied to this.
  • Mosi Platt in the Wages of Wins Smackdown has put his money on Miami and Oklahoma.

The Miami Heat

The following table illustrates how good the Heat would have been in 2010-11 had they played the players we have seen in Games 2 and 3.  As one can see, with Miller and Haslem playing, the Heat are a 75 win team (and clearly the favorites to win the NBA title).

The Chicago Bulls

Scoring, Role Players and “Playoff Mode”

Management and Optimism for Next Season