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Taking a look at the numbers behind the NBA labor dispute

June 30, 2011 by


(Editor Dre’s Note: I took out an XKCD Comic here to insert my thoughts. This article is a great read with a ton of stuff to read over so I really wanted to insert some spoilers for those that may be scared of math) Player’s salaries have stayed even with inflation. Essentially this means their […]

Just Desserts: 100 Greatest Wins Produced Players since 1978

June 30, 2011 by


[Editor’s note: Below is another piece by Arturo called “Just Desserts” where Arturo gives a very quick slice of data. Enjoy!] Sometimes a picture is enough to tell a great story. I was asked to update an old poster of mine featuring the 100 greatest Wins Produced players of all time. I love a good […]

2010-2011 Top Underpaid Players

June 29, 2011 by


2010-2011 Top 30 Underpaid Players. Salaries and Values in millions. Salary Data from Basketball-Reference (who I believe rely on Patricia Bender) A fun thing we like to do each year at the Wages of Wins Network is look at which players were paid too little and which were paid too much. For fun I’ll start […]

Quick Takes: Atlantic Division Draft Grades

June 28, 2011 by


The other day I posted my quick take on the winners and losers of the 2011 NBA draft. Today I will be continuing with quick takes for each of the five Atlantic Division teams, a  division that conveniently features my favourite team, the Raptors, as well as perennial contenders like the Celtics and the Nets […]

Just Desserts: The Greatest Wins Produced Seasons and The Wins Produced All NBA Teams

June 27, 2011 by


What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations. -Sun Tzu The Art of War Andres likes to complain observe (Editor Dre clarification) that I take too long sometimes to get to the good stuff. I decided that in his honor, I’m going to do an ongoing series in which I just give you […]

Wages of Wins Podcast: Ultimate and Underrated Drafts

June 27, 2011 by


This weekend several of the fine analysts at the Wages of Wins Network had a fun Ultimate Fantasy Draft (Editor’s note: Which, of course, Arturo won :-) ). Rather than keep things simple, we broke things into three different drafts. In draft one — which we reviewed on Saturday — each player had to pick […]

Second Guessing the Knicks

June 26, 2011 by


Kevin Clark and Jared Diamond – of the Wall Street Journal – wrote the following story for the Friday edition: Not to Second Guess, But…  One Measure Says the Knicks Would Be Better With Their Original Draft Picks The “one measure” in this story is Wins Produced.  And I thought I would provide a bit […]

Quick Takes: 2011 NBA Draft Winners and Losers

June 26, 2011 by


The following is from our resident Raptor blogger Devin Dignam of NBeh?. I’ll turn the floor over to him. I’ll offer more in-depth coverage shortly, but here are my quick thoughts on the 2011 NBA draft. Importantly, my evaluations rely on Position Adjusted Win Score (PAWS). PAWS takes Win Score per 40 and adjusts it […]

Wages of Wins Network Busted Fantasy Draft

June 25, 2011 by


With the real draft finished — and with a few fans potentially unsatisfied with their team’s draft choices — the Wages of Wins Network decided to hold a  series of fantasy drafts podcasts based on historical players. It was a lot of fun. The result was a massive podcast that we’ll cut into several pieces […]

Defending Allen Iverson: 1996 Draft Flashback

June 24, 2011 by


The following comes from our resident WOW Heat blogger Mosi Platt of the Miami Heat Index. A fun fact about the Wages of Wins network is that we disagree about a lot of things (just follow Mosi and myself on twitter or go here if you don’t believe me). Those disagreements make for very fun […]