Consolidating the Wages of Wins, a poster, a tool, NBA Draft Links and some more fun

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Today’s Piece Comes Courtesy of Aturo Galletti. It also comes with a promotion. Arturo is the new Nightly Editor of the Wages of Wins Network. He will be responsible for ensuring that there is a new piece up each day! 

Arturo has been the most ardent blogger in the Wages of Wins Network over at Arturo’s Silly Little Stats. He has also been a regular on the Wages of Wins Podcast. His skill as a full time contributor at the Wages of Wins Journal are a huge boost. For those unfamiliar with some of his stellar work off of this blog I highly recommend you check out some his favorite pieces

Arturo has also been working on cool ways to visualize the data both as images (see here) and dynamic displayed( see here)  These are still a work in progress (sorry, there is still some lag) but we’re excited to see what else he comes up with.

With that, here’s Arturo

For me it all began with a piece on Lebron James, Mike Brown and my beloved Boston Celtics. Dave offered his readers and opportunity to interact and contribute. I couldn’t resist but to answer the call. One post turned into two. Then my own silly little blog .

Some discussion with Dave has started some changes. Andres Alvarez and I will be moving back to this blog more or less “full time” in both administrative and blogging roles at Dave’s kind request. This brings with it a few other changes:

  • A New Logo! 
  • A new commenting policy! From now on you have to sign in with a WordPress, Facebook or Twitter account. It’s easy to get heated some times and we hope knowing who we are will promote rational discourse.
  • More content! The intent, dear readers, is to bring you more content and bring it to you more often.  Andres, Dave and myself will take on an editorial role as well as a contributing role. By consolidating the efforts of the Wages of Win network, we can build a better whole from the sum of the WOW blog parts. Hopefully, you’ll continue with us for the ride.

For me personally, it’s kinda like moving from late night to the tonight show (with Dave being Johnny Carson in this scenario). I realize I will have to adjust my material somewhat  but it’ll be worth it.

Hopefully it’ll go better for me than Conan. I also  still have my blog for the occasional  saucy joke.

The first responsibility Dave has tasked me with is breaking down links from the Wages of Wins Network for all the great draft material out there.

Draft Links:

Arturo’s Silly Little Stats

Courtside Analyst


Miami Heat Index


Red, Wall and Blue

Shut Up and Jam