On the Radio Twice Tomorrow

Posted on June 22, 2011 by


If you live in Chicago or New York you will have the opportunity to hear me on the radio tomorrow (Thursday).

At 7:40am, I am scheduled to be a guest on Chicago: 670 the Score.  We will be discussing the aging of Derrick Rose (a topic in this forum a few days ago). Keep in mind if you listen:  the hosts of this show will be awake.  In contrast, I am expected to go on the radio at 6:40am Utah time (so I am not sure I will be completely awake – but I will try).

Later tomorrow – at 2:30 EST (in New York City) to be precise – I am scheduled to be a guest of Kathleen Hays on Bloomberg Radio.  Kathleen and I will be discussing a variety of current events in the world of sports.

If you don’t live in Chicago or New York, you can still these discussions on-line.

In other news…

As you can see, the Wages of Wins Journals is undergoing some renovations.  Arturo Galletti and Andres Alvarez are now co-administrators.  And they are making some upgrades.  This is all part of a larger plan to create a bigger and better Wages of Wins Network website.  So look for more changes in the future.

– DJ