Wages of Wins Network Busted Fantasy Draft

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With the real draft finished — and with a few fans potentially unsatisfied with their team’s draft choices — the Wages of Wins Network decided to hold a  series of fantasy drafts podcasts based on historical players.

It was a lot of fun.

A little like this actually (Image courtesy of xkcd.com)

The result was a massive podcast that we’ll cut into several pieces for your enjoyment.

Fantasy Draft Round 1: All Time Busts

You can enjoy this podcast in several ways

Inspired by some great pieces as Hoopism and Shut Up and Jam about top draft busts, we held our own Busted draft (no one picked Iverson). Over two rounds Wages of Wins Network Analysts picked players they considered to massively underperform expectations.

  • Arturo Galletti – Nightly Editor of the Wages of Wins Network had the 1st and 8th picks
  • Devin Dignam – Stats Ambassador to Canada and head writer at NBeh? had the 2nd and 7th picks
  • Ben Gulker – Head Writer of Pistons by the Numbers had the 3rd and 6th picks
  • Dre Alvarez – Assistant Editor of the Wages of Wins Network had the 4th and 5th picks

Here’s a breakdown of how things went with a little follow up on our thinking

Pick Player Pos MP WP48 WP
1 Andrea Bargnani 4.6 8741 -0.078 -14.18
2 Darko Milicic 4.5 3092 0.025 1.6
3 Joe Barry Carroll 5.0 11496 0.027 6.46
4 Nikoloz Tskitishvili 3.6 1946 -0.172 -6.96
5 Jeff Turner 4.3 4187 -0.131 -11.46
6 James Edwards 5.0 9640 -0.001 -0.29
7 Rafael Araujo 5.0 1584 -0.111 -3.65
8 Michael Olowokandi 5.0 8468 -0.010 -1.79
Grand Total 4.8 49154 -0.030 -30.26

Table 1: Wages of Wins Network Bust Picks first four years numbers.

With the #1 Pick Arturo Selects: Andrea Bargnani

He lost over 14 games in his first four years. Somehow Toronto still managed to have a few decent seasons in spite of playing without a Center. Toronto fans may want to blame him for Bosh leaving.

With the #2 Pick Devin Selects: Darko Milicic

He was very unproductive, and also drafted in front of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Kirk Heinrich and Chris Kaman. Putting a positive spin on it, Ben points out Darko not playing minutes may have helped make sure the Pistons played their best players.

With the #3 Pick Ben Selects: Joe Barry Carroll

Compared to the rest of this list Joe Barry Carroll is actually a start with positive wins produced. That said he was not a productive players. Ben points out that in this trade, Golden State gave Boston Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. In contrast to Joe Barry Carroll these two players were stars that helped win titles. Carroll would go on to score lots of points, but oddly that didn’t translate into wins.

With the #4 Pick Dre Selects: Nikoloz Tskitishvili

I’ve discussed my thoughts on this pick more in depth here. It was not terrible enough that Skiti barely played, and when he did he played poorly. It’s the fact that he was picked in front of much better players. Stoudemire and Boozer Bosh [Editor’s Note: Thanks Mosi for catching that!] were all also in this draft. While Skiti would play on some of the worst Nuggets teams of all time, Boozer and Stoudemire both made it far into the playoffs.

With the #5 Pick Dre Selects: Jeff Turner

What makes Turner truly amazing is how many minutes over the course of his career he was able to pick up despite his terrible play. The only player on this list that played worse per minute in their rookie contract is Dre’s 4th pick. Devin argues he was drafted too low at 17 to be a true bust. Still, we can all agree he was terrible.

With the #6 Pick Ben Selects: James Edwards

A terrible player that got progressively worse. Despite having the bar set super low on expectations, he somehow managed to underperform. Detroit actually traded for him, and all he really succeeded in doing was taking minutes from better players. He was picked 46th, so again, a hard sell as a draft bust. Ben, a long time Pistons fan, disagrees.

With the #7 Pick Devin Selects:  Rafael Araujo

Picked right in front of Iguodala, he didn’t even play 2,000 minutes in his NBA career. In his limited time, though, he managed to lose 3 wins for his teams. He may earn even more stars as a trade bust. Utah gave up Kris Humphries – who just cracked 14 Wins Produced this year – for this stiff.

With the #8 Pick Arturo Selects: Michael Olowokandi

In a surprising turn, Michael Olowokandi — who many thought would go in the top three —  falls to the second round! Picked in front of future Finals MVPs in Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce, and several productive players including Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter, this was a clear miss for the Clippers.

Honorable Mentions – Adam Morrison, Marvin Williams, etc…

A few names had to miss the cut. Actually more than a few I’m sure. That said we did mention a few others while making our picks (listen to the podcast for these other names).

Summing Up

This was clearly a ton of fun and we’d love to have more people on to do similar drafts. Just drop us a line and we’ll set it up. If you agree or disagree with any of these names, please tell us! After all, what’s the fun in making lists if you can’t discuss them?