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Regular readers of the Wages of Wins Journal may have noticed a few changes recently.  There is a new logo at the top (thanks to Nicholas Yee).  The format makes navigation from post to post easier.  In fact, the entire blog looks better than ever.

Beyond these important cosmetic differences, another change has escaped the notice of some people (including members of the media linking to the stories offered in this forum).  After posting more than 1,400 columns since April of 2006 – or about five to six columns per week – I have not actually written anything since June 26th (I have been at the Western Economic Association meetings, where I was part of seven presentations). That means that each of the past 17 posts have been authored by the other fine writers we have added to the WoW Journal roster.

In terms of page views, these posts have ranked among the best columns ever offered in this forum. But despite what I occasionally read when these stories are noted elsewhere, I did not write these columns (although given the outstanding quality of these posts, I wish I had).

As we go forward, I expect that most of the posts that appear in this forum will be written by Arturo Galletti, Andres (Dre) Alvarez, Devin Dignam, Jeremy Britton, and Mosi Platt (and this roster will certainly expand).  Yes, I will continue to write.  But the days of five to six columns a week are over.  And to help people know which posts are mine, I am thinking of adding the above picture to each of my posts (people can let me know if this is a good idea or not).

So thanks to everyone for reading these past five years.  And with Arturo, Dre, Devin, Jeremy, and Mosi now on board, look for the Wages of Wins Journal to get better and better in the years to come. One important change you should see is that we hope to have new content posted every single day (weekends included).  And often we hope to have more than one article posted each day.  So hopefully readers get into the habit of checking in on the WoW Journal every day (and more than once during the day).

And with all that new content, we hope everyone can see that we are just getting started at the WoW Journal.

– DJ

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