Weekend Podcast: Replaying Thoughts on the NBA Lockout

Posted on July 10, 2011 by


Sports economist David Berri’s previous conversations on the NBA lockout with Wages of Wins bloggers debunked two myths being propagated by NBA writers and analysts – 1) player salaries are too high and 2) fans need players and owners to work together.

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Clip 1 – Why is there a lockout?
Recorded February 18th, Runtime is 21:34

Dave, Arturo Galletti, Devin Dignam and Mosi Platt discussed why the NBA owners would lockout the players, how long it would last and what it would take for the lockout to end. This discussion also covered free agency, contraction and competitive balance. The audio quality for this podcast could be better but it lays a good foundation for the lockout discussions.

Clip 2 – Do players get paid too much?
Recorded May 6th, Runtime is 23:15

On June 30th, Arturo explained why player salaries aren’t the problem in the NBA’s financial system despite what David Stern and the owners claim. Dave, Andres “Dre” Alvarez, Arturo and Mosi touched on this topic two months ago. They also discussed how drafts limit player salaries; the impact of competitive balance on fan interest; and the difference between the hobby and business of NBA ownership. See the original post for more info.

Clip 3 – What is the solution?
Recorded March 18th, Runtime is 46:00

On July 1st, Arturo tossed out the idea that the players start their own league as a solution to the lockout and Dave ran with that idea in his latest for the Huffington Post. Most of Dave’s ideas were discussed with Dre, Arturo and Mosi during an earlier podcast on collective bargaining and socialism in sports. See the original post for more info.

The conversation doesn’t have to end when the podcasts stop playing. Who do you think will blink first in the lockout – players or owners? Are NBA players overpaid by the owners? Is profit-sharing the best solution to the NBA’s labor problems or should the players just cut the owners out completely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.