Arturo and Pareto take a bow

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Hey all,
As I’ve mentioned if you happen to have any cool ideas or ways to visualize data, let us know and you might land a spot at

Arturo has taken this to heart and has supplied three in the less of the span of two days. Today I’ll be showing the coolest. Arturo has checked the Wins Produced for every player over the last five years and produced a lovely image for your enjoyment. Check it out here or its new home in the cool poster section.

Quick note before we go. WP48 numbers are all calculated with the minutes played for each player adjusted to a minimum of 400 minutes played.

Here we go.

*Note players with less than 400 minutes are normalized to 400 minutes played for their WP48.

Still here? Enjoy some fun facts
Fun Fact #1: It only takes 183 out of the 730 NBA Players or 19% in those five years to hit 80% of all wins. Pareto take a bow.

Fun Fact #2: Andrea Bargniani is surprisingly not the worst player in that period. Only the 2nd worse.

Fun Fact #3: T.J. Ford is the only 0.100 WP48 player (the pinnacle of average).

Fun Fact #4: Marcus Williams, >3000 MP, zero Wins Produced.

Fun Fact #5: Only nine players at Superstar Level (>.300 WP48) for the last five years.

Fun Fact #6: Only 17 players at >.250 WP48) for the last five years.

Fun Fact #7: This table

Look at that. Coaches do play the right guys. Most of the time.

Fun Fact #8-?: We leave that to you in the Comments

-Dre & Arturo