Just Desserts: Ranking Every Player for 2011

Posted on July 12, 2011 by


In a previous post, I deconstructed the MVP race for fun using a consolidated concensus methodology of advanced stats (Editor Arturo’s note- try saying that three times fast) .

Today, after being oh so serious for a week, I reverted to form and decided to have a bit of fun with that method. I’ll do that by ranking every player for every team in the NBA for the 2010-2011 season. The method combines my three favorite metrics for player evaluation:

  1. The Classic Wins Produced stats courtesy of Prof. Dave Berri (explained here).
  2. My own opponent adjusted Wins Produced based stat Wins Produced Combined (explained here).
  3. Basketball Reference‘s Win Shares (credit Justin Kubatko and Dean Oliver)
  4. The average of all three “Win” metrics. (add them together and divide by three)

I chose these metrics because

  • They all have a high correlation to wins at the team level.
  • We want to measure wins when evaluating players.
  • It’s fun to see how players do in different advanced metrics.

Everyone then is ranked by Average Wins, players are shown for their team at seasons end and only player’s with 400 minutes or more are shown.

Let’s get to that creamy center shall we?

I was going to give you a lot more here but a heavy editorial hand came down. You’ll have to wait.

Much like NBA players, I am being oppressed by the system.

Thankfully, waiting is good for the soul.


Editor Dre’s Note. I love Arturo’s posters but they get a bit long for my liking in the blog section. After a long debate with Arturo I’ve decided to make a spot on the Wages of Wins Journal for just cool posters:


To make things fun though if any of you out there have cool posters you can forward them along to us and if we think they’re cool we’ll post them in the Cool Posters area and talk about them. Sound good? I hope so!