Afternoon Thoughts

Posted on July 28, 2011 by


Hey all,

It’s a lot of fun to do research and post numbers and analysis, but it turns out that many of us here at the Wages of Wins Network are sports fans. That means we have plenty of links and discussions in long e-mail chains or Tweets that never end up in a post. We’re going to experiment by posting some of these for your enjoyment.

The Lions are a Contender

It could happen.

Peter King has said “the Detroit Lions might (and he said might many times) be in the Super Bowl”.  Here is a link to the video.

This has Dave super psyched. His blissful optimism as a Lion’s fan means he almost believes it too.

The All Injured Team

Hindsight is a cruel thing.

Without really crunching the numbers I thought it would be fun to build an All-Time team out of players that could have been great if injuries hadn’t stopped them. Here’s my starting five. Agree? Disagree?

Feel free to shoot along any links or thoughts you have. We love hearing them.