Trivia: Baddest of the Bad

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Playing Poorly for the Long Haul

There's a big difference between a good big man and a bad one.

Last season Andrea Bargnani played terribly. It was the 10th worst performance of the turnover era (1978-present).  The 9th spot on the list also goes to Bargnani for his 2008 performance. One or two bad seasons is nothing special. What is truly difficult is to make a career of it. Let’s just take a brief glimpse at some of Bargnani’s career accomplishments.

Andrea Bargnani

  • 11095 Minutes Played -0.077 WP48 -17.8 Wins Produced
  • 15.1 Points per Game with a 0.539 TS%
  • 4.9 Rebounds per Game

It turns out Bargnani’s ability to play poorly and stay in the league is rare. That brings me to today’s trivia question.

Since 1978 only 8 players have managed to “earn” -15.0 Wins Produced or fewer and play 10,000 minutes or more. Can you name them?

As always I’ve started you off with one. Looking forward to your replies.


Congrats to Alex, Ben, Charles, James and Jason for solving this one super fast. Highlight the answers below if you want.

  1. Clifford Robinson -34.4 Wins Produced in 42558 minutes played
  2. Jeff Turner -26.7 Wins Produced in 11244 minutes played
  3. James Edwards -25 Wins Produced in 28356 minutes played
  4. Maurice Taylor -22.6 Wins Produced in 13323 minutes played
  5. Kevin Duckworth -21.8 Wins Produced in 17462 minutes played
  6. Jason Collins -18.5 Wins Produced in 14108 minutes played
  7. Andrea Bargnani -17.8 Wins Produced in 11095 minutes played
  8. Antoine Carr -15.9 Wins Produced in 19780 minutes played