Getting Freaky about Realigning Baseball

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In case you missed it Dave was recently asked by the fine folks over at Freakonomics to offer his thoughts up on realigning the leagues in Major League Baseball. You can read all about it here:

Here are some of Dave’ points

  • If each league has an odd number of teams then on most nights there would be an inter-league game. These games don’t matter as much.
  • If the each league expanded to an even number of teams it would make for more meaningful games. Dave thinks this is unlikely.
  • The leagues alternatively could expand the playoffs to make the outcomes more random and make more money. Dave thinks this is more likely.

Head on over and check out Dave’s responses (and of course the replies of the other brilliant people that were asked to contribute).


P.S. Dave asked me to put this up as a favor because he is busy getting other important Wages of Wins Network work done. I did so with the threat I’d publicly ask a question at the end. Here’s my question:

  • We’ve been saying any rules in the new CBA will likely not improve the competitive balance in the NBA. Is the best route to increase the length of the playoffs? For example we could give the 1st seeds a bye and up the teams in the playoffs by 2.
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