What if the Lockout Doesn’t End in 2011?

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If this were a normal off-season, the stories posted in this forum would address all the moves teams make each summer.  Numbers would be posted that would suggest this team made a “good” move and this team made a “bad” move.  And then people would post comments and arguments would be waged back and forth.  In other words, fun would be had by all.

But this is not a normal off-season.  In an effort to get more money, the owners have locked out the players.  And unfortunately, I am not optimistic this will end any time soon.  Certainly we will offer more stories on the lockout in this forum.  Furthermore, I think more can be said about the 2010-11 season (for example, we still need posts on each team’s past season).  But clearly we have to talk about something else.

So what else should we talk about?  The Wages of Wins and Stumbling on Wins both discussed much more than basketball.  Should we offer more posts on football?  How about baseball or hockey?

If you have anything you would like to see us discuss, please let us know in the comments.  Again, this lockout might not end soon.  So we better find something else to entertain us.

– DJ

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