Wages of Wins Podcast: The Owners are still lying

Posted on September 17, 2011 by


Ask an Economist.

Dave was nice enough to hop on for a quick podcast before starting his weekend. You can listen to the whole thing here:

Wages of Wins Podcast 09/16/2011 – The Owners Are Still Lying

Dave appreciates his new staff of writers. He still chips in to brag about his “home teams”

Size does matter! The Difference between the NFL lockout and the NBA proves an old point. The NFL union has 1700+ members many of which with shorter careers. This means they cave quickly. The NBA has fewer members but this may not keep them from caving.

The NBA Owners refuse to show us their books. Given the background, it’s hard to believe them when they say they’re losing money. If they are, it is probably their fault as they are reckless in their spending.

We kept it short as the weekend was fast approaching but we hope you enjoy it!