Quick Takes: Gasol v Navarro II

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How about any of the above for MVP?

A quick follow up on the Pau Gasol vs Juan Carlos Navarro for MVP debate.

Something that FIBA Europe did for each game during the Eurobasket was to assign a “top performer” from each team. Now, very shortly I will be doing some more research how these top performers were determined, but in light of yesterday’s article (where I wrote that Gasol was more deserving than Navarro) I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the number of times each of these players were given the “top performer” honours on the official Eurobasket website:


Games Played

# of “Top Performer” awards

Pau Gasol



Serge Ibaka



Marc Gasol



Rudy Fernandez



Juan Carlos Navarro



Interesting. According to FIBA’s own website, Gasol was Spain’s top performer in seven of the ten games he participated in – including the final against France. And Navarro was never deemed Spain’s “top performer”, despite the fact that he played in all eleven games. Why did FIBA Europe decide to contradict all their previous efforts at determining the most productive Spanish player?

Well…we know why, but still, that knowledge doesn’t make the MVP decision any more palatable or more just. Gasol deserved that MVP!

And just in case you are someone who is skeptical about everything we say here at the Wages of Wins Journal,  I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

– Devin

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