40 Better Options than Darko or Bargnani

Posted on October 7, 2011 by


My last article looked at the players from this year’s Eurobasket who have ties to the NBA. This time I’m interested in the top players who are not in the NBA, have never played in the NBA, and who have never been drafted by an NBA team.

In this table, I’m only going to be showing players who managed to produced an estimated 0.50 wins or more. Why? Most of the NBA players managed to produce above that level, and the whole point of this exercise is to look at players who might be NBA calibre. Besides, if I included all of the non-NBA players, we’d have a list of 220 players — much too long. As it stands, this list contains 40 players.

Like last time, this list is ordered by estimated wins:

Of these 40 players, the top 25 — with the possible exception of Pero Antic, who achieved high win totals based on a large number of minutes played — definitely merit consideration for the NBA; the remaining 15 are players on the bubble. The top three players on this list — Bo McCalebb, Simas Jasaitis, and Mirza Begic — were named to the WoW all-tournament team. McCalebb was also named to the real all-tournament team. And a few of these players — McCalebb, Earl Rowland, and Henry Domercant — are US citizens who previously played in the NCAA. It is quite clear that there are many good players here.

Whenever the NBA resumes its business operations, the smartest teams will take a good look at many of these players and try to lure them over. The third path is one that is seldom trodden, but, if taken, can make the way to a championship much easier.

– Devin