Podcast: Impact of NBA Lockout Strategies on Fans & Economies

Posted on October 17, 2011 by


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Sports economist David Berri discussed David Stern and Billy Hunter’s recent media tour with Mosi Platt from the Miami Heat Index.


  • Why do fans like Arturo Galletti and Ty Willinghanz from the Courtside Analyst blog get so upset with lockouts and strikes by professional sports that they refuse to watch the games when the work stoppage is over?
  • In a press conference at the Beverly Hills hotel, Billy Hunter said the owners will experience pain just like the players during the lockout. He said franchise values wouldn’t recover until 2023 and some teams may have to fold if they lockout the players for an entire season. Does that provide the NBPA leverage in collective bargaining?
  • In “Heads the Owners Win, Tails the Players Lose”, Berri argued the NBA owners will get what they want from their negotiations with the players association. If the NBPA is following the same strategy the MLBPA successfully used against Major League Baseball owners in 1994, then how can that be the case
  • What are the differences between the MLBPA and NBPA?
  • Why does the NBPA seem so concerned about system issues? Isn’t the split of BRI the only thing that matters?
  • Previous research by sports economists Dennis Coates and Brad Humphreys illustrated that per capita income was not affected by work stoppages in professional baseball, football and hockey. Additional research showed sales tax receipts in Florida also were not affected by work stoppages in professional sports. Are those findings still relevant in this recession? Does the NBA lockout reveal potential flaws in the Hooters business model?

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Dre here! Mosi Platt has been a podcasting machine this weekend. In case you missed it his other two podcasts can be found here