Wages of Wins Weekend Podcast

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This week we give you not just one but two podcast!

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Here are some links that might help the experience of each podcast!

Dave Berri talks Parity, a players league and the owners

  • Ian Levy did a nice break down of how ESPN writers think the NBA looks. Turns out this isn’t fair from the truth and that means parity isn’t really possible.
  • Peter Keating (insider access needed) discusses the possibility of a players league using information from none other than our own Dave Berri, who explains how having all of the players locked out could actually be a plus: “Even in the ABA, which had Dr. J and George Gervin, most of the players were nobodies, but the best players could be in the new league”
  • The NBA owners position just isn’t as strong as they’re making it out to be. The players should be questioning this.
  • In the 1970s when the NBA had parity, fans were lucky enough to watch the finals on tape delay.

Arturo talks how the owners are winning

  • Here’s a look at the numbers behind the owners position. Arturo stresses it’s not illegal or wrong how they do accounting but in their best interest to take a loss.
  • Arturo was one of the first proponents of a players league and even had a breakdown for it.
  • Arturo broke down how the lockout affects the players and the news isn’t good. Caving is a good option.
  • Finally, Arturo broke down the cold hard facts of the NBA lockout and why the owners stance is smart.


Dave suggested an intro and end music theme. I offered him the option of selecting it. As Dave mentions in the podcast though he has taken a more managerial role. As such he delegated the decision to the fans. If you have any good suggestions for a theme we could put on the podcast (without worrying about royalty fees) let us know. Arturo started the suggestions with Beethoven’s Fifth with Cannons :)