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Michael ‘wiLQ’ Wilczynski from Weakside Awareness recently asked me to share who I had on my RSS feed. I use Google Reader to keep up on all of my NBA reading. I figured I’d share the links to the blogs I follow and ask if there were suggestions to more I should follow. I’ll put the whole link too so it’s easy to copy and paste into your RSS reader if you’d like.

Update: Here is my reader file should you wish to just upload it easily. Thanks to Chris for the tips. In Google Reader click on the gear (Reader Settings->Import/Export) Dre’s Google Reader Feed. (I also have my non-basketball follows in here too)

Listed Alphabetically

If there are other blogs you think I need to follow let me know. Don’t feel snubbed if I don’t follow yours, sometimes I see an awesome blog and forget to add it.


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