Michael Jordan’s Lockout Stance is fueled by Kobe Hate

Posted on November 5, 2011 by


The most recent news is that Jordan is part of a group of owners prepared to lose the season. But it goes further than that with Jordan: he was apparently one of those pushing for a 47% BRI split. Jordan is being labeled a sell-out. For a man that’s made millions selling underwear, that’s not anything out of the ordinary.

However, I have a different theory why Michael Jordan is fighting for such a hard BRI line. Simply put, Jordan enjoys his status as greatest of all time. He holds the record for the two largest single season salaries, with $30 million in 1997 and $33 million in 1998. In fact, Michael Jordan is the only player to crack $30 million in salary. However, Kobe Bryant will hit $30 million in 2014. If Jordan cuts the BRI, he can keep Kobe Bryant off the list of $30 millioners. Even better, if he locks Kobe out for a season, he lowers Kobe’s shot of hitting six titles. So all of Michael Jordan’s greed and selling out may just be a clever ploy to hide his status as the ultimate Kobe hater.