The All-Time Spurs Team

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Back again to list my starting five and sixth man for the San Antonio Spurs. Basic rules:

  • Pick any player that played one or more complete seasons for the Spurs from 1978 on
  • Pick players based on their “prime” or top three complete seasons with the Spurs
  • Pick the best player for each position as well as a sixth man.

With that here are your all-time Spurs!

Point Guard – Johnny Moore

  • Wins Produced: 38.7
  • WP48: 0.247
  • Minutes Played: 7535
  • Top Seasons: 1982, 1983 and 1985

Johnny Moore was putting up over ten assists and almost three steals for the first half of the 80s. Sadly by 1986 he had started fading. Still, he is easily the best point guard the Spurs have seen and an easy pick for my team.

Shooting Guard – Manu Ginobili

  • Wins Produced: 43.6
  • WP48: 0.322
  • Minutes Played: 6509
  • Top Seasons: 2007, 2008 and 2010

Manu averages over 20 points on 58% true shooting to go along with over five assists and five rebounds per thirty six minutes. My only complaint is his playing time, which has been far too low for his production. Manu has been under-appreciated his whole career, which is why he was an easy pick ahead of a few other shooting guard greats in the Spurs history.

Small Forward – Dennis Rodman

    • Wins Produced: 46.7
    • WP48: 0.492
    • Minutes Played: 4557
    • Top Seasons: 1994 and 1995

Dennis Rodman only lasted two seasons in San Antonio. That said they were amazing seasons where Rodman focused on what he did best: rebounding. He did this while keeping his fouls and turnovers low and his shooting percentage high. He was also versatile enough to play both the small and power forward so I’ve bumped him down to add him to my team.

Power Forward – Tim Duncan

  • Wins Produced: 69.8
  • WP48: 0.363
  • Minutes Played: 9236
  • Top Seasons: 2002, 2003 and 2007

No surprises here. His three top seasons earned him two MVPs and two titles. The Spurs have gotten two of the greatest number one picks in the history of the draft. Tim Duncan has kept the Spurs a contender his entire career. We’ll have to see how much longer he can keep it up.

Center – David Robinson

  • Wins Produced: 80.4
  • WP48: 0.423
  • Minutes Played: 9116
  • Top Seasons: 1990, 1991 and 1996

I hope I don’t surprise anyone by saying not only is Robinson the greatest center the Spurs have ever seen, he is also the greatest Spur the Spurs have ever seen. You’ll notice one of Robinson’s accomplishments is that he was great right from his rookie season. What else can I say about a guy that could bring down 30 points, 13 rebounds and over four blocks a night without breaking a sweat?

Sixth Man – George Gervin

  • Wins Produced: 44.3
  • WP48: 0.245
  • Minutes Played: 8679
  • Top Seasons: 1978, 1979 and 1980

There was no way I could leave the Ice Man off the list. One of our pet peeves around here is players rewarded for high points on poor shooting. As such George Gervin is definitely a favorite as he was pulling down close to 30 points a night on great shooting.

Sixth Man – Artis Gilmore

  • Wins Produced: 44.0
  • WP48: 0.278
  • Minutes Played: 7587
  • Top Seasons: 1983, 1984, 1985

On most teams being a center putting up numbers like Gilmore did and you’re the starter without question. On the Spurs Gilmore is demoted to the bench. I couldn’t decide between Gervin and Gilmore and decided to throw them both on the team. Gilmore is another favorite as he put up numbers like Kareem did in the 80s but didn’t get the recognition. Well here you go Gilmore.

Summing Up

These are a lot of fun and I may keep doing them if the lockout persists and there’s fan interest. As we’ve mentioned the lockout has definitely let us talk a lot about tax rules and competitive balance but we do enjoy straight up basketball. If you’ve got any interesting stats stories you’d like us to look into drop us a comment, it’s not like we’ve got basketball to watch instead.


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