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The Best Nuggets Team of All Time

November 11, 2011 by


Dre puts together his all time Nuggets time using the top players from their primes. The Run and Gun Nuggets of the 80s pair with the 2000s Nuggets for a killer combination.

Michael Jordan’s Lockout Stance is fueled by Kobe Hate

November 5, 2011 by


Michael Jordan's actions in the lockout reveal his hate of Kobe Bryant.

How Much is Your Team Worth?

November 3, 2011 by


Dre looks over the value of each NBA team's roster at the end of the 2011 season.

What if we just paid players what they were worth?

November 2, 2011 by


Dre takes a look at what NBA players could be worth on the free market.

Should the Owners Treat Players Like Coaches?

October 27, 2011 by


Dre looks at coaching salaries since the last CBA. It turns out that despite the high rate of firings that in a free market the owners do reign in costs on the coaches. Could the same work for the players?

The NBA’s Top Earners

October 14, 2011 by


Dre and Devin look over the top earners in the NBA and find Shaq and Kobe are still competing for the top spot.

Was Pat Riley the Worst Coach?

October 12, 2011 by


Dre looks at some poor coaching decisions over the years. It turns out some great players were given far fewer minutes than they should have been.

New York Fans Are the Most Worthless Fans?

October 8, 2011 by


Dre looks at the idea of fairness when you take into account the fact that some states have bigger populations than others.

Wages of Wins Podcast: Fantasy 3 on 3

October 5, 2011 by


Dre and Mosi grade the Wages of Win 3 on 3 Fantasy draft with some insights from Devin.

Wages of Wins Podcast: Devin Dignam about Eurobasket 2011 and the Draft

October 1, 2011 by


International Expert Devin Dignam talks Eurobasket 2011 as well as international players and the NBA draft.