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6 NBA cities that don’t deserve a team

October 28, 2011 by


Devin examines several cities that have an NBA team that may lose them. It turns out market size and money to spend on sports matter!

Should the Owners Treat Players Like Coaches?

October 27, 2011 by


Dre looks at coaching salaries since the last CBA. It turns out that despite the high rate of firings that in a free market the owners do reign in costs on the coaches. Could the same work for the players?

There is still value late and outside of the draft

October 24, 2011 by


Devin examines pay for players based on their draft position.

Wages of Wins Weekend Podcast

October 23, 2011 by


The Wages of Wins Network has two podcasts on parity, players leagues, and the cold hard facts behind the lockout.

Sports Writers Know Parity is Impossible

October 22, 2011 by


Ian Levy shows how sports writers know that parity is impossible by how they rank players even if they say otherwise.

NBA Players Haven’t Really Hit the Jackpot

October 21, 2011 by


Devin and Dre breakdown NBA players career salaries to show that the players aren't striking it quite as rich as people think.

Did Tim Duncan and LeBron James cause NBA lockouts?

October 20, 2011 by


Did the uproar over LeBron's decision and Tim Duncan's surprise draft location cause the owners to overreact?

How the Owners Plan to Steal a Billion Dollars

October 20, 2011 by


Where Arturo breaks down just why the owners locked the players out.

Dave Berri Talks the Lockout and How Socialists have taken over the NBA

October 19, 2011 by


Dave talks to the BBC, the Denver Post and Market Watch about the NBA Lockout and how the fans will come back and how the owners are socialists.

Are the Owners using a Cheat Sheet to beat the players?

October 19, 2011 by


Arturo breaks down how new deals affect the salaries NBA players. It turns out for most players the pay cut is not enough to make up for loss in playing time. And it's possible the owners know this.