The Wages of Wins Network is a collection of Sports Fans that like looking at the advanced stats.

David Berri – General Manager

Dr. David Berri is a professor of Economics of Southern Utah University (and past president of the North American Association of Sports Economists). He is the General Manager of the Wages of Wins Network as well as the founder. In 2006 he published The Wages of Wins (along with Martin Schmidt and Stacey Brook) and also started the Wages of Wins Journal.  In 2010, Martin and Dave published Stumbling on Wins.  Look for Dave’s writing throughout the site. To prove he’s not always persuaded by the numbers, Dave has been an avid Detroit Lions fan all his life (and yes, he watched all 16 games during the 0-16 record-setting season of 2008).

Arturo Galletti – Co-Editor and Director of Analytics

Arturo is an Electrical Engineer with General Electric in the lovely isle of Puerto Rico. He makes sure that articles go up and that our stat research is sound. He was the first person to answer Dave’s siren call for volunteer bloggers and his writing production has exploded since. Arturo is an avid Boston sports fan, but we don’t begrudge him too much as he started rooting for Boston teams when they were bad in the 1990s.

Dre Alvarez – Co-Editor and Stats Nerd

Dre is a Software Engineer in the lovely state of Colorado. He is constantly working on acquiring data and crunching numbers for the Wages of Wins Network. Dre loves trivia and box score data almost as much as watching the games. Dre roots for his Colorado teams even if  he does so by questioning the management with a critical eye.

Mosi Platt – Lead Game day Analyst

Mosi works in security and always has his Blackberry near. Long before officially joining the Wages of Wins Network, Mosi was a regular contributor at Bleacher Report. Mosi has been running his own numbers for many of the Heat games for years now. Mosi is constantly watching NBA games and can be found offering live twitter updates during games. He’s huge on Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat and will quickly call out any haters.

Devin Dignam – Lead Canada and Draft Expert

Devin has degrees in Human Kinetics and Education and is currently working in sales in lovely Victoria Canada. Devin has been a long time Raptors fan through both the good and the bad. As a result of his team, Devin is also an expert in matters of the NBA draft and offers the Wages of Wins Network great analysis. He’ll quickly explain to you why Bargnani is not a good player while also offering insight on how the Raptors could be contenders.

Jeremy Britton – Web Development and Golden State Analysis

Jeremy is a designer at Zurb and brings his advice and expertise to the Wages of Wins Network. Short on time thanks in part to a new bundle of joy, Jeremy still manages to try and help the team tidy up the web site and offer insight into the Golden State Warriors. Jeremy holds that his Warriors will be able to reach the elite level of the NBA again.


Patrick Minton – Numbers Expert and Timberwolves Writer

Patrick is an amazing Web Developer and blogger. His work can be found over at The NBA Geek. Patrick has played or been involved with basketball more or less his entire life. He was a bench warmer in school, a pickup player in college, and a rec-league player as an adult. He has also spent many years as a coach of Women’s, Men’s, and Youth basketball teams, with moderate success. He’s a software developer by day and NBA blogger and web app designer by night.

James Brocato – Seattle SuperSonics and Oklahoma City Thunder Expert

James is a law student from Tacoma, Washington. He is a lifelong Seattle SuperSonics fan but is still able to enjoy the NBA, perhaps more objectively without his favorite team. Find more of his great work over at Shut Up and Jam.

Greg Steele – Houston Rockets Writer

Greg Steele is a student at Abilene Christian University and a long-time Houston Rockets fan. Being short and round (and not like Charles Barkley), Greg is a basketball watcher, not a basketball player. As such, Greg was attracted to statistical measures which recognize the contributions of round and clumsy players as well as those of the more aesthetically pleasing players, so the Wages of Wins was a natural fit. Greg is available via email at

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