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A Free Market for College Athletes

November 12, 2011


In his latest for the Huffington Post, Dave Berri responds to Sports Illustrated.

Heads the Owners Wins, Tails the Players Lose

October 11, 2011


Dave Berri comments on the players lack of negotiating skills and how the Charlotte Bobcats are probably not going to be helped on the court by a new CBA.

A Perfect Sports Weekend!

September 11, 2011


We follow sports to see our teams win. And when all your teams win, it makes for a good weekend!

Responding to the NBA

September 8, 2011


Dave Berri's latest at Huffington Post responds to the NBA.

The NFL’s Best-Looking Team

September 7, 2011


The Wall Street Journal offers a very different look on the NFL.

The Moneyball Bible and Other Sunday Thoughts

September 4, 2011


The Wages of Wins has been called a "Moneyball-Bible". This is just one observation in a list of Sunday Bullets.

What if the Lockout Doesn’t End in 2011?

September 3, 2011


As the lock-out continues, maybe it is time to discuss something besides the NBA.