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An NBA Forecast

October 31, 2006 by


The NBA season tips-off tonight so I thought I would offer a forecast of this season. For the most part, this is a somewhat educated guess. And, as I note at the end of the post, hopefully at least some of this is wrong. Before we get to my guesses, there are a few issues […]

First Impressions of the NBA Rookies

October 30, 2006 by


The NBA preseason – as noted yesterday – is not a very good sample. Teams play no more than eight games. Many of the players in these games will be playing in some other Association this year or just enjoying really good seats at NBA games. And these games do not mean much to the […]

Preseason Thoughts

October 29, 2006 by


Sometimes the answer is “I don’t know.” We analyze the world to further our understanding. Sometimes, though, our observations of the world are insufficient to give us clear answers. The NBA has just concluded its pre-season and one might wonder if we now have additional observations of the world to tell us something about the […]

The Utah Jazz in 2005-06

October 28, 2006 by


And last (and probably not least) we have the Utah Jazz. With this discussion of the Utah Jazz in 2005-06, the review of the NBA last season is concluded. Although the Jazz are the last team reviewed, players employed by Utah have already been the subject of previous entries in this forum. For example, one […]

The Seattle SuperSonics in 2005-06

October 27, 2006 by


The Seattle SuperSonics won 52 games in 2004-05 and were a surprising contender in the Western Conference. In 2005-06 the Sonics brought back twelve players from the previous campaign with the intention of building on their success. Surprisingly, though, the team regressed significantly. Only the Houston Rockets – a team ravaged by injuries to its […]

More on Competitive Balance in Baseball

October 26, 2006 by


Today I posted a comment on baseball’s revenue sharing at The Sports Economist. In this post I argued that revenue sharing has not caused payrolls to become more equal in baseball. Additionally, I noted that baseball has not become more competitive since the institution of the 2002 labor agreement. The statement about competitive balance reflects […]

Week Seven Quarterback Rankings

October 25, 2006 by


Ben Roethlisberger got off to a bad start in 2006. Okay, his team won the Super Bowl at the start of the calendar year. But the 2006 NFL season did not start well. After five weeks only Andrew Walter’s struggles with the Raiders prevented Roethlisberger from being the lowest ranked quarterback in the league. Last […]

The San Antonio Spurs in 2005-06

October 24, 2006 by


Over the past nine seasons the San Antonio Spurs have won between 65% and 77% of its games each season. Each season the team has legitimately contended for the title and three times it was ultimately successful. The talent driving this engine is Tim Duncan, the player the Spurs took with the first pick in […]

The Sacramento Kings in 2005-06

October 23, 2006 by


The Sacramento Kings used to be on par with the Clippers. In the team’s first thirteen seasons in Sacramento the team never won more than 39 games in a season. Year after year the Kings played well enough to earn a trip into the NBA’s draft lottery. Year after year these assembled lottery picks were […]

The Portland Trail Blazers in 2005-06

October 22, 2006 by


For those who are not Portland fans this review might be too long to bother reading. In this essay, though, why losing teams should change their roster is explained. A potential rookie of the year is identified and the question marks surrounding LeMarcus Aldridge are discussed. Finally, the difference between NBA Efficiency and Wins Produced […]