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The big news for today is that “the next book” is finished!!!  Actually, it was finished on August 30.  At that point all the chapters were completed.  Since then, though, we had to write a preface (which includes acknowledgements of the many people who helped us) and organize the references.  All of this was completed this past weekend.  And today we were told the book has moved in to production at FT Press.

Now production takes a few months.  So the book – as indicates — will not be available to everyone until next March.  But at this point – after more than a year of work – the entire book does exist; and we look forward to the day when everyone gets a chance to read the stories we have told.

Now that the book is completed, I will now be giving more attention to this blog.  The first task is to complete the review of the 2008-09 season.  As indicated at NBA Team Reviews: 2008-09, the following teams have been examined.

Charlotte Bobcats: Is this the Year a Charlotte Basketball Team – and MJ – Return to the Playoffs?

Chicago Bulls: Chicago Hope

Golden State Warriors: Stephen Jackson Wants a Better Team, What if Don Nelson Embraced Tradition?

Memphis Grizzlies: The Memphis Lions Try and Roar

Miami Heat: Miami Fails to Build on Flash, Beasley or Boozer?

Milwaukee Bucks: Revising Expectations Upwards in Milwaukee

Philadelphia 76ers: No Longer Miller Time in Philadelphia

Portland Trail Blazers: Portland Misses and Misses and… Wins Again, Portland Misses and Misses and…Wins?

Washington Wizards: Are the Wizards one of the ten best teams in the NBA?

The season begins in five weeks, so I am going to need to review four teams per week if I am going to complete the 2008-09 season review on time.  Now that the book is completed, I think this is possible.

Let me briefly note the purpose of these reviews.  First, I wish to report each player’s Wins Produced and WP48 [Wins Produced per 48 minutes] for the 2008-09 season.  Such numbers are the starting point of my review of what happened last season.   With numbers in hand, I then look forward to next season.   The look forward is not intended to specify the exact number of games a team will win in 2009-10.  No, the purpose is to outline some possibilities (i.e. if player A does X, the team will likely win Z). 

All that being said, let me note that the next team I will cover is the Nets.  After that, I am open to suggestions.

Again, across the next five weeks these reviews will be the focus.  This means I do not play on discussing the NFL and quarterbacks – as I did each of the past three seasons – until after these reviews are finished (unless there is a big demand for this analysis).

One last note… as we wrote the book I was not as responsive as I would like.  E-mails went unanswered and other research projects were delayed.   Going forward I hope to do a bit better (and I apologize for being so slow this past year). 

– DJ

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