How the Clippers Are Dominating the NBA (at least for part of this week)

Posted on November 26, 2010 by


Earlier in the week I noted that the Clippers were the worst team in the NBA.  Perhaps surprisingly, though, this team has a very good collection of rookies. 

Since posting this observation the Clippers have been on fire. Okay, they only won two games in a row. But one of these victories was over the Hornets. 

What is interesting (at least to me), is that the minutes played by the players has changed a bit over the last two games.

The first table below reports what the Clippers have offered – with respect to Wins Produced – after 16 games.  As noted, the team is currently on pace to win 22 games (a seven game improvement since earlier in the week).

The second table, though, indicates the Clippers could be better.  If we consider how minutes have been allocated during this amazing winning streak (of two games!), we see a team that could be on pace to win 35 games.

What’s the difference?  The promising young players are getting more minutes.  And the veterans who are producing in the negative range are spending more time on the bench.

Now part of this is due to injury. But it does suggest that the Clippers could be a bit better – than their 3-13 record indicates – if the team simply allocated minutes a bit differently. And maybe when those veterans depart – or if those veterans started to produce – the Clippers could become “dominant” (or “good”, or “not really bad”).

– DJ