Just Desserts: Overpaid & Underpaid Remix

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Hey all. Time for a simple post.

Arturo keeping it simple (Image courtesy of xkcd.com)

This is a quick one to close the book on the subject of the underpaid and the overpaid for the 2011 NBA season. Andres took on those two subjects a couple of days ago (see here and here) but I still felt like I had something more to add on the matter.

Pretty pictures are thus headed your way.

The skinny before we go. We take the league payroll (around $1.9 billion) and divide it by the number of available wins (1230) to get an average win value ($1.58 million). We then credit a player the “market value” for each Win Produced and subtract their salary to see if they were worth the cash.

Andres limited his eligible players to at least 1000 minutes played. I did no such thing.

Let’s start with every player and every team as a poster. Players who were traded have their salaries prorated by games played for each team.

Pretty and fun right? Keep in mind I’m doing regular season only. This hurts the Mavs. But you can see it more clearly by team.

Those executive of the year trophies were rightfully earned for Chicago and Miami (but we knew that long ago). The NBA champ Mavs were certainly not very frugal in their spending though but the end result seems to have justified the expense.

The two final tables are the top 30 Overpaid and top 30 underpaid by team with no minute restriction. First we go with the sinkholes:

Michael Redd and Yao Ming make an appearance at the top of this one. Toronto fans please note, Bargnani is the only player in the top 7 who was not traded or catastrophically injured.

The Underpaid stays very much the same (just with extra win added :-) ).

Good night and God Bless.