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Hey all,

Many of our esteemed Wages of Wins members have been writing killer stuff on their respective blogs. We thought you might enjoy a quick overview to go with a few links.

Mosi Platt (@MIA_Heat_Index) at The Miami Heat Index

Put me on the Wolves and they'll win more!

Ty Willihnganz at Courtside Analyst

Does Parity Mean I make it to every other Finals?

  • Ty shows that the institution of the salary cap has not helped competitive balance. As such we should not believe that any new cap rules wills improve the Parity Problem of the NBA.
  • Ty gives the players hope by saying if Lester Munson and Forbes are right and the League is Making Money that the players may have hope of winning the lockout.
  • Ty points that the Owners acting like Pawn Shops gives the players little hope for the lockout. The owners let the players set the asking price and have time on their side. It doesn’t help players any either if owners know that the lockout won’t affect popularity.

James Brocato(@JBrocato23) at Shut Up and Jam

Best Sonics of All Time.

Ben Gulker(@brgulker) of Pistons by the Numbers

"What if I play awesome and you say it was your idea?"

  • Ben looks at the coaching career of Lawrence Frank in New Jersey. His conclusion is that players make the coach, not the other way around. Unless Jason Kidd and Vince Carter from five years ago are walking in the door it does not look good for the Pistons.

In Case You Missed It (Links to the Past)

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