Sunday Trivia: Shooting Big Men

Posted on August 7, 2011 by


Scoring without Rebounding as a Big

Scoring without rebounding wins championships.

Let’s cap off our Andrea Bargnani tribute for the week. Bargnani is often credited with being a scoring big and that justifies his low rebounding. I decided to use him as inspiration for yet another trivia question.

Since 1978 only 6 players (Editor’s Note: Sorry Guys forgot to count Horry)  have managed to

  • Play at least 1000 Minutes at some combination of power forward or center
  • Have a True Shooting Percentage over 53.0%
  • Pull down fewer than 7.5 Rebounds per 48 Minutes
  • Earn at least 1.0 Wins Produced

Hope that gives you something fun to do with your Sunday. Bonus points as always for supplying the correct year as well. As always I’ve given you one of the answers.


Congrats to Alex and Nathan for being the first two to crack this. (Sorry to the rest of you to keep you guessing based on a script typo. Still check out Chris Mills wikipedia entry for a laugh, even if he wasn’t a PF) Highlight the answer below.