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In addition to writing at The Wages of Wins Journal, I occasionally offer a comment at The Sports Economist. The Sports Economist is a blog created by Raymond (Skip) Sauer, a professor of economics at Clemson University. Skip put together a roster of sports economists to offer posts, which both spreads out the workload and also boosts the quality of columns offered.

Here is the current roster (in alphabetical order, not in order of talent).

David Berri, Associate Professor of Economics, California State University – Bakersfield
Dennis Coates, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Rodney Fort, Professor of Economics, Washington State University (now at the University of Michigan)
Brian Goff, Distinguished University Professor of Economics, Western Kentucky University
Brad Humphreys, Associate Professor, Department of Recreation, Sport, and Tourism, University of Illinois (now at the University of Alberta)
Victor Matheson, Assistant Professor of Economics, College of the Holy Cross
Phil Miller, Assistant Professor of Economics, Minnesota State University, Mankato
John Palmer, Professor of Economics, University of Western Ontario
Raymond Sauer, Professor of Economics, Clemson University
Stefan Szymanski, Professor of Economics, Imperial College London

Over the past two days, both Brian Goff and Phil Miller offered outstanding comments. Miller’s post was the following two sentences, which captures nicely the outrageous salaries paid to college coaches.

The Kansas City Star has compiled a list of each state’s governor’s salary and the highest paid head coaches in that state. The coaches win 49-1 with Alaska being the only state where the coach is not paid more than the governor.

Goff’s comment, NFL Predictions: Writers v. Vegas, was a bit longer and examined how difficult it is to predict outcomes in football. I would encourage everyone to click on the link and read what Goff has to say (don’t worry, relative to what I post here, Goff’s entry is quite short).

One last note before I get back to work. I have updated the page listing the NBA team reviews from 2006-07. So far, half the league has been reviewed. And this means, as the update notes, half the league still needs to be discussed. It’s my intention to post, before the next season, a comment on each team. If there is a team you want done first, please let me know.

– DJ

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